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New Stuff :)

So I have updated my profile and changed my header and many of my icons! Check it out! scars_proach 

Long ago I was introduced to the sordid world of the Dresden Dolls, also known as the Dollangangers, and I have been slowly falling back in love over the past week or so. VC Andrews wrote amazing gothic horror that truly leaves you feeling just a little dirty afterwards... and I love it!

In case I've confused you, my journal is now totally "Flowers in the Attic". :) And if you don't know what Flowers in the Attic is, allow me to explain!

It's the 1979 book that tells the story of four children--Chris Jr, Cathy, and the twins Cory and Carrie--who have lived a charmed life up until their father's 36th birthday, when they lose their beloved father. Corrine, their mother, is penniless without him so they go to live with her parents... But what the children don't know is the horror that awaits them in the foreboding Foxworth mansion.

I don't want to give away much more than that, but if you haven't read this series I definitely recommend that you pick it up.

Um, but anyways. I would update this thing a lot more if I had a more exciting life but mostly I'm hanging out with my boyfriend, my best friend, filling out job applications, or sitting around the house. Not really all that much to update about, you know? But I'll try harder to live a more exciting life.

But till then, I'm gone.

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