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UrbanDictionary & "Amanda Looks Like" Fun

I'm rather on the bored side so I've decided to have fun looking up my name on Urban Dictionary and doing Google searches for "(myalias) looks like" on Google. Fun Friday/pre-birthday night, right???

Here goes!

Urban Dictionary:

A women named Amanda is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. They are known to be very loveable. Amandas are envied by other women.
1. Damnnn, Amanda's lookin' fine today, as usual.
2. I wish I was Amanda, shes so pretty and nice!

a woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, even her own parents. She does things her way when she wants where she wants how she wants with who she wants
i love lucy's attitude. it's an amanda attitude.

A shorter version of 'Amanda,' Mandas are typically very pretty girls who wear cute clothes and talk a lot about sex. They are much friendlier than Amandas.
"Amanda is such a bitch."
"Luckily, Manda was there to save the day. What a sweetheart!"

Okay, so I am now a HUGE fan of Urban Dictionary. They have very accurate definitions. :-D

"____ looks like"

I think Amanda looks like a dark haired Janelle, anybody else ...
Amanda looks like she is pouting here. I really don't remember ...
Amanda looks like the girl Katie White from the ting tings! | Facebook

Okay... That was strange. But the UD one was fun, even if it didn't kill much time. Meh. I promise to do a real update just as soon as I have something interesting to talk about besides "I sit at home surfing want ads, hang out with my boyfriend and best friend, and go fill out job applications". Who wants to listen to that?

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