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A Quick, Friendly PSA

So, I was sitting at Lowes today waiting for the boyfriend to get off work when what do I happen to see sitting across the parking lot from me? A Carter BloodCare donation 'coach'.

Now I am a self-professed 'I-B Positive'* person, but I manage to overcome my condition when it comes to something this important. And I often get asked why I like to give blood. Now I'm gonna go with the short answer, so don't quit reading yet.

The short answer is because of the cool shirts. ;-) No, actually it just feels really good to know that one pint of my blood is enough to potentially save three people's lives. Selfish? Maybe. But who hasn't seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe tries to disprove Joey's position that every good deed is a ultimately a selfish act?

So go give blood already!!!

*I-B Positive is from Bruce Almighty--"I-B positive they ain't sticking me with no needles!"
Tags: blood donation, carter, donating blood, psa, public service announcement
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