Manda (scars_proach) wrote,


Okay, so it's been a while... Ilex and I did not end up getting married but we are still together. :) I've been on the truck with hom for around six months or so and our third anniversary is in November.


I don't really like being on the truck though. It might be different if we could pull into places and sightsee but the tourist-y places generally aren't truck friendly so we can't. It is pretty cool to see new things from the truck though.


But in a month or two I will be back home and hopefully starting college soon! He is going to team so that I can go back to school, something I've always wanted to do. I'm going to miss him a lot but I'm excited at the same time.


My friend is pretty excited too. She's missed me a lot while I've been gone and I missed her too. Ilex doesn't get it because he's a guy. Girls know exactly what I'm talking about.


In other news, I'm looking forward to maybe working with kids again soon too. I was hired through shortly before I got on the truck and I was reminded of how much I love kids. I'm hoping to either find semi-regular work as a babysitter or work at the local daycare again. I'll be going to school online so it should work out. :)


Well... That's all I have for now!

Tags: friend, friends, ilex, real life, real-life update, relationship, via ljapp
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