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Everything's A Choice, Everything We Do

It's Good To Dream


V.C. Andrews Is Love!


My name is Amanda (but I prefer to be called Manda or Manders, thanks =D), I'm 23 years old (24 in April, yikes) and I am also a fangirl by trade. It all started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, continued with One Life to Live (now a discontinued fandom of mine & The OC, Gossip Girl, Twilight and most recently the amazing show Dead Like Me. I LOVE to read and recently I have rediscovered my love of all things VC Andrews, especially the Dollanganger series.


LOVES: Reading, writing, watching TV/movies, fangirling!, spazzing out over fictional characters, making videos and making new friends! LIKES: Nice people, people who REVIEW, those who are nice to service workers, people who comment me when they friend me (because otherwise I'd probably never know), and a lot more to come! DISLIKES: Mean, rude and stupid people, having to get off the computer, WRITER'S BLOCK (it's the devil!!).

My Awards:

CLICK on the pretty pretty award to visit the awesome community of Joss_Las! Award won under mandasfics


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